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Frequently Asked Questions

If you continue to get access denied messages while accessing the myTakeda, please open a new inprivate browser and access myTakeda. Your cached Shire credentials may be causing the issue.

No. You will need to use your Takeda credentials to sign into myTakeda, and your Shire credentials to sign into The HUB.

Your password for myTakeda is the one you received when you got your new credentials (note: this is an open issue, as the identity team may have a way to get passwords synced, we don’t know yet)

You can do one of two things:

  1. Sign out of myTakeda in this browser session then click on the blue “The HUB” button above to log into The HUB with your Shire credentials, or
  2. Open a separate browser, then enter the URL http://www.shire.co/thehub